The Blowout is a week-long celebration of climate action! We will be supporting people to act on climate within their own lives, neighbourhoods, jobs and communities and in a personal way. Possibilities are endless!

The Blowout calls directly for a wide variety of climate actions, over one week in which we can all use our lives, skills and experiences to create one united call for climate action


The Blowout makes it easier for people, businesses, communities and workplaces to act everywhere, and is centred in the UK! This is because it's Adapt's home nation, and it is such a crucial year for the UK’s climate change policy; the year we hold Global Climate Conference COP26.


Although the climate crisis is a huge and messy subject, we’ve boiled down the Blowout to 4 key points:

1). The lack of action from higher powers on ending the era of fossil fuels.

2). The need for extensive rewilding in the UK and around the world.

3). The importance of protecting ecosystems in the UK and around the world.

4). A Green New Deal and how to get one.

We will also be raising money for a curated selection of incredible organisations tackling the climate crisis! This list will be finalised by mid-March, and be influenced by suggestions from Adapt’s community.


Whether you are an individual, an organisation or a community, you can get involved!
We have put together suggested levels of involvement, from small to large, but of course you can customise and put your own spin on your climate action if you want to!


A climate focused special event/activity/space during the week which could include fundraising but has at its heart has raising awareness and galvanising action on climate change.


Tier 1A + 1B


Include awareness raising messaging within your space/event such as posters, booklets, talks etc. Visuals will be pre-designed by us, so all you have to do is display it!


Donate a portion of your profits to our charity pot, which will be equally split between our curated donation partners.
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During the week of the Blowout Adapt will be hosting a series of events with a new BIG exhibition at the Copeland Gallery in Peckham. Access to the hub will be free so feel free to drop by! Some evening events may be ticketed, so make sure to keep a look out for what is happening at the hub closer to the time.

If you would like to support the running of the hub as Blowout Partner then email us at blowout@adapt-climate.world or fill in the form below.

To see what happened last time we were at the Copeland Gallery check out Sadness is a no gO-zone!

The Climate Action Blowout is run and organised by Adapt on a volunteer basis. If you would like to support us as a Blowout partner, financially or through promotion, please get in touch below, or email

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